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January 2018

How to Invest Time

The Gifts and Callings of God

Bulletin 1.21.18

Bulletin 1.28.18

February 2018

Bulletin 2.4.18

Bulletin 2.11.18

The Wedding Guests


and Goats 2.18.18

Bulletin 2.25.18

March 2018

Midnight Friends 3.4.18

Bulletin 3.4.18

The Unmerciful Servant 3.11.18

Bulletin 3.11.18

Parables, Pharisees & Publicans

Bulletin 3.18.18

The Day God Died 3.25.18

Bulletin 3.25.18

April 2018

On the Third Day 4.1.18

Bulletin 4.8.18

Family Tune-up "Myths of Marriage" 4.15.18

Bulletin 4.15.18

Family Tune-Up "What Marriage Has Become" 4.22.18

Bulletin 4.22.18

"What God Intended Marriage To Be" 4.29.18

Bulletin 4.29.18

May 2018

Family Tune-Up "The Dating Game" 5.6.18

Bulletin 5.6.18

Mother's Day - "Mothers Can Make An Eternal Difference"

Bulletin 5.13.18

Bulletin 5.20.18

Bulletin 5.27.18

June 2018

Water, Water Everywhere! Baptism Sunday

The De-Christianization of America 6.3.18

Bulletin 6.3.18

Christianity vs. Islam 6.10.18

Bulletin 6.10.18

Father's Day 6.17.18 Man Up!

Bulletin 6.17.18

July 2018

Just a Piece of Paper? 7.1.8

What About Gay Marriage? 7.8.18

Bulletin 7.8.18

Before You Order Booze 7.15.18

Bulletin 7.15.18

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