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Whether you are deployed, vacationing out of town, or under the weather, last week's sermon is only a click away! If you missed a Sunday or two for whatever reason, you can go back and listen to it while you walk, run, bike, or drive. You could even listen to the message while remaining completely stationary at home! Give it a try...

Click on the links below for this week's sermon notes and bulletin

How to Invest Time

The Gifts and Callings of God

Bulletin 1.21.18

Bulletin 1.28.18

Bulletin 2.4.18

Bulletin 2.11.18

The Wedding Guests


and Goats 2.18.18

Bulletin 2.25.18

Midnight Friends 3.4.18

Bulletin 3.4.18

The Unmerciful Servant 3.11.18

Bulletin 3.11.18

Parables, Pharisees & Publicans

Bulletin 3.18.18

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