Our Mission

Our mission (what we commit to doing):  We want to glorify God by producing fully-devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

Our vision (what we commit to being):   We desire to be a family of God that loves God supremely and one another as we love ourselves.

We value Biblical teaching!

We value equipping believers through discipleship!

We value authentic worship!

We value relationships!

We value reaching out to unchurched people!

We value authenticity!

We value prayer!

We value children!

We value fun!

We value holy living.

We value commitment and membership!

Our Core Values

Biblical Authority. We believe the scriptures to be the plenary (complete), verbally (word-for-word) inspired Word of God and our final authority for all Christian faith and practice.

Worship. We are committed to expressing our love to God in all that we say, think, and do because He is worthy of all honor and  praise.

Prayer.  We pray, depending on God, with confidence and expectancy. We believe that prayer is the decisive blow in spiritual warfare, and ministry is the act of harvesting the results.

Discipleship.  First there is evangelism. We strive to reach the lost, unchurched, irreligious, disillusioned, and skeptical with the gospel of Jesus Christ so they will see, hear, and understand what it means to be a child of the Living God.

Next comes edification. We lead believers into a deeper personal walk with God through worship, prayer, Biblical instruction, fellowship, and ministry participation. Our goal is "every member a minister!"

Last comes equipping. We seek to multiply ourselves by mobilizing competent, surrendered, and Christ-centered champions to minister the Word of God to the world.

Authentic & Loving Relationships. Compassion & caring. We love unconditionally, listen with empathy, and  assist  families as well as those individuals  who are poor, sick, unlearned, addicted, lonely, or hurting.

In addition, we believe  in a Church Community that is accountable, has a sense of belonging, and genuinely cares for one another.

Cultural Relevance. We want to be relevant to our society without compromising Biblical absolutes. We also celebrate the diversity that is Southern California. We want to be a church for all people.

Missions. We believe that every believer is called to be a missionary to those who are lost – whether across the street or around the world.